Become a Sponsor

Matt Ryan can bring a sponsor exposure into cycling community for a small investment. Here are some of the key benefits.

  • Matt promotes personally:
  • Through his Social Media outlets
  • Through his involvement in the race teams and his position helping the MBCC club president
  • Through his mentoring program
  • Through his website


Sponsor Goals | Maximum Exposure

While Matt aces and trains, clothing with sponsors name is worn by him for all training and racing. Matt will do approximately 25000 kilometres and over 900 hours each of riding every year. Large amounts of time on the road and when combined with an eye-clothing design provides excellent exposure. The racing calendar throughout 2016 will provide sponsor exposure in the following states, QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

Matt is aware how important it is to provide a good image for his sponsors. As Matt insists he follows all rules of the road at all times. The clothing that is worn for all races, presentations, PR work, press releases and training rides.

National and Local Media


  • Channel 9 & SBS provides a mainstream channel to watch Australia’s biggest professional and amateur races.
News Papers
  • National magazines and newspapers cover local and national events, with photo illustrated reports on National Series and Championship races.
  • There are many cycling related websites and blogs that report on races and results, including our own team website, a twitter account and team individual blogs. Each time a rider gets mentioned so does its sponsors. Every time that a rider is shot in a photo, the sponsors’ name can be seen on the jersey.
Association with sports team
  • Sponsors will be able to use riders for PR and publicity throughout the year. In this age of obesity, corporate association with a group of fit and healthy individuals can only be a good thing for any company. Not only will sponsors be backing riders that could develop into State and National Champions, but they are also encouraging people to live a healthy existence.  The release will include pictures, links to websites. These updates could then be used by sponsors for their own marketing initiatives.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me with sponsorship over the years. Without your support, I would not be able to compete as successfully as I have done. Thank you all for making my life that much easier.

Bring a vitality to your corporate image by arranging a sponsorship relationship with Matt Ryan.