Interclub Criterium 11th of June

Lapping the Field | Interclub Criterium

Interclub Criterium REVIEW:

Nundah criterium track is my local place to race today was an interclub between Ipswich / Lifecycle and the MBCC clubs. It was a great turn out with my legs and mind wanting to let out some steam after sitting in the hotel room at Battle on the Border last weekend. So the first lap was at 50klms per hour and I was on the front. It was cold so this helped a little to warm up although I think a few guys had the same idea as the pace was quite high and I felt great to be racing. A few little moves but nothing stuck then Josh Beikoff dove off the front and with another rider from the Altitude cycling team. I noticed it was time to move and I hit the Gas, Tom Coates from team Kenyans Down under decide to come across as well. As soon as we bridged the gap we went straight to work. The average was about 47klms and the 4 off us were working hard the increase the gap. The 4th rider dropped off after a single lap and we were back to 3, Josh Tom and I.

Two laps later an Ipswich rider and Ascot Catering rider came across I believe the Ipswich rider worked very hard to get across as we were not slowing down for them. He had done too much work and dropped off shortly after, now back to 4 and after a few quick turns the Ascot Catering rider was gone as well, we were back to 3, Josh Tom and I again… 25 minutes into the race and our gap was about half a lap. This time we started to work hard then Tom had the brilliant idea “Lets lap the field” I thought another 30 minutes at minimum of 45klms per hour this would be tough… but what the hell off we went. The peloton must have slowed as our half lap lead turned into ¾ of a lap.

Then  in another minutes we were 150 meters behind them I hit the gas and we rode onto the back, Tom decided to ride straight past them and off we went again. So now it was us sitting 50 meters in front of the peloton.

We received the 3 laps to go and I hit the gas josh chased me down with Tom on his wheel not a lot of cat and mousing and we arrived at the last lap Tom lead it out and I hit the gas with 150 meters to go Josh on my wheel he started to come around and I threw for the line. Winner…. another great day at the Nundah-dome.

Tomorrow another day and another race support the women’s racing weekend can’t wait