Round 3 of QRTS

QLD Road Teams Series | Round 3

This last weekend we saw the MBCC Racing Team take on Round 3 of the QLD Road Teams Series (QRTS) in and around Murwillimbah NSW.
Saturday was the 110km Road Race starting in Stokers over a very testing and hilly course. As per usual, the pace was high from the start and we had the first crash after just 2km. Matt only just managing to stay upright. We were not so lucky at the 10km mark where once again there was another crash. A poor young man came down really hard, breaking his jaw and teeth in the process, with some assistance from Simon Meyer falling on him, then Jamie Gaviglio and Brenden Smyth also piling on top. I managed to avoid the pile up but we were all held up by the crash with the race disappearing over the next hill.
We were given a break with the race being neutralized due to Medical requirements being at the crash site so the race was once again back together. It was all split up again soon after the restart once we hit the big climbs and it was a matter of survival for the next 2 hours to get home within the time limit. We all managed to achieve this with Matt our top finisher.
Sunday morning we headed out to the TTT after a breakfast of champions at McDonald’s. The team road solidly and ensured we left enough in the tank for the afternoons Crits so we rode the 29km course in a time of 37min 46sec, just over 3.5mins behind the winning time, job done.
We packed up all our gear and reset up at the Crit course which was a fast, figure 8 circuit with sweeping corners and 2 roundabouts to contend with. The field was split into 2 Heats with the top 25 riders in each heat going into the A final and the rest into the B final. Matt finished the first heat in 4th place to lock is spot in the A final. Well done to Simon Meyer for his 14th place in the B final and Matt Ryan for his 14th position in the A final, a race cut short by 2 laps due to a crash. Matt is still sitting 2nd Overall in the Masters category
It was another fantastic weekend and a special thank you to our Team Manager, Geoff Williams and Support Crew/Team Mechanic Andy Macca with Tina Orley helping at the feed zones and Mikaela Cash for coming down to support.Once again, none of this would be possible if not for our generous sponsors Torque Toyota, Gloria Jeans NL and Champion Systems.
Round 4 is to be held on the Sunny Coast so come pop up and watch some of the best racing you will see in QLD from 24-25 Sept.